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Patience. I should work on establishing at least a passing relationship with patience. The more I read and prepare for these posts, the more I realize cooking takes a lot of work and … that word that begins with “p”. Patience. For example, the next journey just happens to be cheesecake. Out of all of my culinary skills, baking is the least of my talents. But cheesecake… is everyone’s favorite. Everyone knows it. Aresty writes, “The poor man probably hungered most for cheesecake.” Thousands of recipes. Thousands of years. Progress. Convenience. All so I can go down to the grocery store and pick up a block of Philadelphia cream cheese.

But no…

I’ve decided to make my own cream cheese. And not with cow’s milk, either. No. I’ve decided to make cream cheese out of goat’s milk. I’m bucking the system, I’m taking rennet into my own hands, I’m squeezing curds together, I’m raking in the molds! All right, I’m just making cheese for God’s sake. Thanks to Crystal Miller, mother of 8, wife to one.


Yield: approximately 2 1/2 cups

1 gallon goat’s milk (store bought cow’s milk will work too!)
¼ t. direct set mesophilic-m culture
2 T diluted rennet (add 1 drop of rennet to 5 T cool water)

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