Textbook: The Delectable Past (1965) by Esther B. Aresty

Antiquity to Elizabethan England

(All dishes subject to change)


Special projects:

  • King Richard’s Salat
  • Chicken Hash Fit for a King
  • Fried Bread Crumbs
  • Mustard Soup
  • Daryols (possibly pushed to later in the book)

The Renaissance

  • Chestnut Torta
  • Pesce in Gelatina (Fish in Aspic)
  • Discussion of Dinner for fifteenth of October (possible selected dishes)
  • Scappicini
  • Ciambellette
  • Baked Quinces/Quince Compote
  • Liver Dumplings
  • Rosti
  • Duck stuffed with raw fruit (or duck breasts with fruit)

Elizabethan England

  • Minst Pyes
  • Balles of Italie
  • Discussion on A Tart to Provoke Courage in Man or Woman
  • Apple Orange Tart
  • Capon with Lemon Sauce
  • Buttes’ Way of Seasoning Lamb
  • Buttes’ Way with Spinach
  • Spinach or Sorrel Soup
  • Italian Green Sauce (pesto)
  • Walnut biscuits
  • Veal Olaves
  • Prune-Stuffed Chicken
  • Of Compound Sallets
  • Candied Blossoms
  • A Floral Dessert