Banner art is from “The Delectable Feast” by Esther B. Aresty; engraved illustration by Jules Gouffe, 1867, color by Cynthia E. 2008

Much of the black and white art you see on the website came from a medieval food clip art collection by Cindy Renfrow. Some of the others (usually with a blue oval in the background) came from Wikipedia Commons.

Culinary color spot illustrations are by the brilliantly talented Cleo Papanikolas, which is a small sampling from her 83 food paintings clip art collection, available in high-resolution for all kinds of real professional applications. Cleo Papnikolas is the author/illustrator of “Cook Until Desired Tenderness“, a favorite book among your favorite food writers and artistes, which just helps me to believe I have excellent taste in both food and art.

The above painting is a small part of a larger painting by Jacob van Oost the Elder (1603-71) called The Painter’s Studio, 1666. More Dutch and Flemish art can be found here.